Walkers Appeal's Treatise

 October, 2016




Walkers Appeal emerged as a Spanish brand in the year 2016, specializing in the production of men’s  apparel.  Our treatise is a new take on masculinity, infusing it with versatility and elegance, without losing sight of our original points of reference.


Article I 


We take the classic male essence to an environment where the most traditional customs and cutting edge technology go hand in hand, drawing on a frequent theme of contemporary Japanese anime.  Slight nods to the land of the rising sun over otherwise western patterns; casting off the shape of things but not their essence.  


Wasuremono > Literally “object which you have left behind”, it refers to an object forgotten or abandoned involuntarily.  


Article II 


Taking the most classic patterns and adjusting them to a pragmatic, contemporary model, we reconstruct them for the man of today. This implies maintaining the essence of these patterns while adapting them to our daily needs.  In the end, we are reclaiming our own origins, but with added value.


   Kintsukuroi > This refers to the art of repairing ceramics by joining the pieces together with gold or silver, with the understanding that the resulting piece is all the more beautiful for having been broken.


Article III


Our starting point is the 20th century, and our model of masculinity redefines its volume. Solidity, performance, and delicacy of detail come together to a sophisticated perfection that redefines our essence; our references include Marlon Brando in “Last Tango in Paris” or Jean Reno in “Leon: the Professional”.

Our point of arrival is the men who inherit the attitude behind this lifestyle and apply it realistically to their daily life. 


        Ikigai > This is your reason for living, the thing that gets you up in the morning day after day.  To find it, a deep inner search is often necessary.


Article IV


As cinema is one of our main sources of inspiration, the brand’s first collections are a direct reflection of the myths that have not only served as aesthetic inspiration, but have also inspired our attitude.


The western jacket, our star garment at Walkers Appeal, is an article of clothing which gives off an air of  rebelliousness.


The weightless shirts, with clean patterns, hidden seams, and firmness in the finish.  An elegance distilled from the classic blended with the spontaneity of today.


The swimsuit as an exclusive garment for leisure moments is given the care proper of a film, seeking out the textile perspectives to make it a desired and carefully selected item. 


Article V 


We study the classic pattern, rethinking and reinventing it with today’s techniques. The deconstruction of the original garments’ lines and fabrics serves as our point of departure in the creation of new textile standards.  The garment is built by stylists and manufactured in Spanish factories with a long history in the industry.  The careful work on the design of the garment as well as on its material production makes Walkers Appeal items exclusive and singular; it would be rare to come across anything else like them.   


   Gaman > This refers to one’s endurance and the capacity to keep trying in the face of adversity, or to keep on fighting even when it seems that all is lost.


Article VI 


Although this is where we draw our inspiration from, our objective is the now. To this end, the brand’s communications are mainly transmitted through online channels and social networks. However, let’s not forget that the garment, much like cinema, is an experience. Something that is seen, felt, and carried with you.  Therefore we give great importance to our partners in retail who always understand and share our brand philosophy. 


   Ukiyo > Literally, it means “floating world”, and it refers to the lifestyle which consists of living in the moment, far from the worries of life. 


Article VII 


The man of the past century and his cinematographic portrayal is our starting point, the man of today our world. We bring generations together and give sense to the garment through our very own imaginative tradition.


We look for the sense in what we wear, and the attitudes conveyed by what we wear.