Created in 2016 by Javier Lozoya, Gema Martín, and Noemí Vidal, three professionals with extended careers in the fashion industry, Walkers Appeal is an inspired premium brand for men’s and women’s apparel.


Walkers Appeal was born when Mimi, Gema, and Javier, who have widely recognized trajectories as fashion professionals, spotted the lack of a menswear brand in the Spanish market that catered to young hip professionals who cared about the environment and valued modern quality pieces which were also versatile, timeless, comfortable, and full of personality.

Their vision was to infuse their collections, initially focused on jackets, with a sense of their fun, creative outlook on life, and a feeling of freedom and curiosity from all their travels and periods living abroad. It was also equally important to them to develop a brand that benefited from the savoir-faire of their many years as freelance stylists and editors.

Today Walkers Appeal has expanded its collections into whole masculine and feminine offerings, becoming a bigger venture each year that is acclaimed and sold internationally.


Designed and entirely manufactured in Spain with premium and responsible proximity materials sourced in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, our collections express our customers’ confident ease and love for modern contemporary design, craftsmanship, simplicity, perfect execution, and know-how. We work harder every day to bring to unique life pieces that can be worn with confidence by everyone on every occasion, catering to the needs of the creative minds and builders of society.

Our philosophy is a new take on masculinity and femininity, infused with versatility, understated contemporary elegance, and cool flair.

Our uniqueness lies in decoding tradition with the aesthetics and needs of the new urban man and woman in mind.
We are committed to reducing waste, so we infuse our design process with the notion of interchangeable pieces that compose a complex and exciting wardrobe with a maximum of seven pieces. No fuss, no style crises, just relaxed timeless elegance for our everyday Walkers' day.