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Hi Walkers, welcome to the first Walkers Appeal Blog entry! This blog is an invitation into all things Walkers Appeal: what we love, believe in and are interested in. Today, we want to introduce you to a friend of ours that has already been showing up on our social media but hadn't yet been properly introduced. Meet Mr Alán Ramiro, or as you may know him by now, Mr @seethelines. Alán is a true Walker whose wanderlust, passion, and love for art and timeless style are just like ours.


Born in L.A. California in 1989 to Austrian and Mexican parents, Alán is an architecture designer that changed the drawing table for the streets of the cities he visits as a travelling artist. After talking to him and drilling him with questions, it is clear he is coming full circle in his life: He loved the arts as a child and decided to study architecture because of its combination of artistic and practical nature. Today, the sketching of cities brimming with detail and life sets him apart, enabling him to explore all his potential as an artist.


He is currently embarked on a European tour that will bring him to our flagship store in Madrid and which has taken him already through Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey and will continue to Portugal after several stops in Spain. This journey didn’t start just a few months ago, it seems to have been brewing for a lifetime, Alán found himself unknowingly walking in his father’s steps while preparing for a world tour a few years ago; when he found a bio written about his father that said: “John would love to have the freedom to create art and write”. Reflecting back, this passion for art that his father and he shared fuels this journey where art is at the center. He started in Asia a few years ago, travelling later to Mexico with the initial intention to tour Latin America, but this ultimately led him to ditch those plans and redirect his steps toward the home of his ancestors in Europe. On the question of what has been his greatest impression so far, Alán shared that he is loving two very different things, one is the feeling of integration there is in the cities he’s visited, and the other is the intricacy of detail that the historic buildings have everywhere.


And of course, we talked a bit about what he loves most about our clothes, which he has been wearing for the last 5 weeks of this journey. Here’s what he said: “I am looking to travel with minimal clothes: three shirts, one pair of pants, one bathing suit and a jacket. I love the high-quality threads of Walkers’ clothing. These pieces feel wonderful to wear and work great: they don’t wrinkle, are super durable, and so comfortable…”. To summarize his whole experience, he told us about his trip from Istanbul to Cappadocia wearing our AZUR

shirt for four days in a row. At the end of it, he was blown away at how well it had worked for him in terms of wrinkling and resistance. In his words: “Since I am looking for minimal living, I appreciate clothing like this, made with high-quality materials that fit my travelling lifestyle and have great style as well. On top of it, I love that I can now let go of the technical sport look ubiquitous in travel clothing, it really doesn’t suit me”.


If you’d like to meet Alán and are in the area, come to our flagship store on September the 30th from 6 to 7 pm to see him sketching live at the shop and try on our timeless style clothing.