Have you heard? Sexy Zebras' new single is finally out! We love everything about this band. Their wild energy is infectious; they are bold, funny, and outspoken. Their music is a mixture of garage, indie rock, and ballads, all under the umbrella of a very energetic and genuine rock band.


This newly released single, "1000 tiros" (A 1000 shots), comes after the much acclaimed 2022 album "Calle Liberación" (Emancipation Street), which they have been touring all year. In this power ballad, the band has spilled their guts, taking the listener on a musical journey that pays homage to John Lennon or Rufus Wainwright. Like us, they mix languages, so the conversation with them is always fun.


We had the pleasure of dressing the Sexy Zebras for their single's music video and promotion images, and they were kind enough to answer a few questions for us.


What is a must-piece for making un "Jaleo" (a fuss)? I am torn between a good pair of high-waisted trousers and a nice pair of sunglasses in case things get messy in our last concert on Feb 2nd in Madrid.


And to emancipate yourselves? You already know the answer to this; under no circumstances do we ever use underwear.


You do love a tank top (or going topless); how is it that you guys chose Walkers to dress you? Maturity and style pervade our last album ["Calle Liberación"] songs, so there wasn't a better partner than Walkers for this new stage in our lives.


End of tour resolutions for 2023? Playing the biggest gigs in our history yet and continue creating songs that gladden our hearts.


If you're in Spain, make sure to attend their “Jaleo Tour” last two concerts, Jan 27th in Sala Wolf (Barcelona) and Feb 2nd in La Riviera (Madrid).

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