How do you buy? What does responsible consumption mean?

Amid Black Friday's hangover, we reflect on a list of words that could help us better choose what to buy:

Awareness: The what, where from, how, and who of the garment or item I am considering buying.

Conscious- What impact does this new piece of clothing have on the environment?

Respectful- Who are you empowering through this purchase?

Community- Who does it support?

Harmony/Balance- Does this purchase work towards supporting/altering the harmony or balance in my life or in the Planet?

Appreciation: Will I still love it tomorrow?

These questions before shopping empower us as buyers.

Buying only the things you need from outlets that care about the products they put into the world and how this is done makes a difference in the way this planet is managed and taken care of.

Buy value, not things.

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