A DESTINATION ___________

La Condesa and Roma, Mexico City

Today we’re recommending a weekend in Mexico City, two adjacent neighborhoods are our destination: the Colonias Condesa and Roma. These leafy, colorful and art deco areas are quite central in the city and have a beautiful atmosphere. Have a walk around or simply sit down to read a book at a café watching people go by.


Full of restaurants, food stalls, little art galleries and interesting shops, La Condesa and Roma mix the historic with the contemporary and are considered the bohemian districts of the DF. Here are a few of our favorite places and some outfit ideas to walk comfortably, get happily lost and feel at home in with the vibe:


First day, stroll around La Condesa. Lunch of tacos at the many street stalls


Parque Mexico: Great park for a refreshing walk, on weekends you’ll find live music and dancers.


Hydra + Fotografia: Gallery, bookshop and school. All their projects revolve around photography and promote lesser known artists, their goal to bring their work to collectors so that their narratives and communities get the visibility they deserve.




Second day, dinner and drinks in Roma


Taverna: This renovated decadent mansion is spectacular any time of the day, but dinner time is magical. The multicultural atmosphere, the soft lightning, the Mediterranean inspired food and the place itself make for one of the most unique experiences in this city’s area.


Bósforo: This is a secret spot with underground vibes is quite difficult to find, so pay attention when looking for it. It has some of the best music that we heard in the city. Dimmed lights, lovely drinks and cozy atmosphere.


Last day, an unlikely museum


MODO: How much do everyday pieces mean to the conformation of a culture? This little museum holds a collection of artifacts and objects which have become art statements and allow for an alternative exploration of the city and its people.

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