Press coverage
"The brand’s latest collection are stylish, classic and high-quality pieces."
Under the Radar. Upcoming brands to check out this month.
Highsnobiety - November 30, 2016
"Walkers Appeal wants to bring back that attitude to everyday."
Walkers Appeal: One to watch.
Kaltbult - April 27, 2017
"Walkers Appeal is turning out some of the most interesting mid-range outerwear we’ve seen in a while."
10 Menswear brands to watch this year.
Fashion Beans - February 01, 2017
"Walkers Appeal comes up with a utilitarian western jacket minimized with a perfectly fit construction and clean hidden seams."
Introducing Walkers Appeal.
Fucking young - February 21, 2017
Los mejores regalos para este invierno.
Spain GQ - November 30, 2016
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